19 Mei 2016


Event Ennichisai 2016 sudah berakhir, akan tetapi impresi kami terhadap antusiasme pengunjung booth Tanaka Liquor Shop belum berakhir. Dengan menyediakan 4 menu cocktail : Black Disco, […]
18 Juli 2016

What is Shochu (焼酎) ?

  Shōchū (焼酎) is a Japanese distilled beverage less than 45% alcohol by volume. It is typically distilled from rice (kome), barley (mugi), sweet potatoes (imo), […]
11 Agustus 2016

The Best Spirit You’ve (Probably) Never Tasted: Japan’s Shochu

The last few years have been good to regional specialties as interest in all things food and travel continues to grow and the world increasingly becomes […]
22 Juli 2019

How To Enjoy Japanese Sochu And Make Some Cocktails With It!

Shochu is a kind of Japanese traditional spirit. Its Alcohol content varies usually from 25 to 30% and it has taste and smell that are quite […]